Sunday, February 22, 2009

Protest One Clarance Center Rd, Clarance 10:00a

I woke up this morning at 8:30 and drove to Clarence where the Westboro Basptist Church was holding a protest while a memorial service was being held at Zion Lutheran Church for those involved in the Flight 3407 crash. Upon arriving I broke down in tears for a minute or two at the appalling sight I saw, then I regrouped and got out of the car.

What a beautiful sight of Western New Yorkers. In front of the Clarence Center Coffee Shop, about a mile or so from whatever is left of Flight 3407 on Long Street and a half mile from the Zion Lutheran Church where a memorial service was being held, about 75 people stood in the 20 degree weather with the snow lighting coming down, in support of the crash victims of the tragedy that happened Feb, 12, all the while the WBC stood on the opposite corner 20 feet away, protesting their religious lie that God Hates Fags. Three members of the WBC were there, holding up signs that said “Planes Crash, God Laughs” and other offensive slogans. Seventy-five people came out to support the community of Buffalo, NY with one message: DON’T COME TO BUFFALO WITHOUT EXPECTING TO BE STOOD UP TO. Some of the protestors were dressed in white, and held up large white cloth to represent love and peace. Others were Vets from various wars waving the American flag with pride. It was a beautiful sight.

It was just us against them. A community standing with pride against a group of misled individuals. NO NEWPAPERS, NO NEWS CHANNELS. The publicity that the WBC wanted didn’t come. In fact I over heard a conversation where someone actually said the local media REFUSED to come. It was just us against them, with seven or eight cops to keep peace. And you know what, it was peaceful. Very few people shouted at the WBC; most people stood talking amongst themselves about how much of a disgrace these people are. At 10:37 we said the pledge of allegiance, at 10:40 the WBC began packing their signs and while walking to their car we sang, “Na Na Na Hey Hey Good Bye”.

We got the victory. We stood our ground. We spoke our peace. It was a beautiful sight indeed. Welcome to Buffalo New York Westboro Baptist Church now go back to Kansas.

Protest Two Main Street, Buffalo 1:45p

I arrived at 1:00. There were hundreds of people to welcome the WBC, Buffalo style! Well, not really welcome them; it was more like a “get out!” Hundreds of people dolled in white flags and signs of peace. Outside the University of Buffalo South Campus on both sides of Main Street hundreds of people stood to welcome the WBC. The weather was about 20 degrees but the wind made it feel a lot colder. People were showing up by the dozen after I arrived. All the while cars drove by peacefully hooking.

At about 1:30 the organizer of the event informed everyone that they had arrived and were getting out of their cars. We were waiting patiently for them to come to the street, but then a cop walks up to the corner I was standing on and shouts, “This is where they are supposed to be, but you guys can stay.” Haha, I love the Buffalo police. Then someone spotted this car with Kansas plates drive down the road and turn into a lot about two blocks down. They get out and about 1:45 and we notice their “God Hates Fags” signs and someone shouted, “That Way!” (The funny thing is, the cops didn’t stop anyone).

We peacefully surround these people with our flags and signs. The WBC group had five people with them, four looked petrified! Only two clowns had the balls to hold their signs. I was face-to-face with this one clown and he said, “Miss, please get out of the way”, I said, “See you in hell, asshole”. (Always wanted to say that to one of them!)

Their protest went on for about 5 minutes, Two minutes into their protest we surrounded the guy who told me to get of the way so tight no one from the road could see his sign. Three people had very large white flags and decided to stand on both sides of him and in front. Thanks to the wind the flags fluttered and completely covered this guy. Minutes later the cop declares an end to their protest, he escorts the group to their car, the whole time we shout “Let’s go Buffalo!” (if you watch Sabres hockey, you’ve heard that before) and other chants, and we see them drive away. They were scheduled for a 45 minute protest, and we chased them out in the first 5 minutes!

WBC, remember this next time you want to mess with Buffalo: Don’t mess with Buffalo.
If god exists, I’ll see you guys in hell.

Below are some photos.

Buffalo, NY's Welcoming Committee

Another shot from the same location, different direction.
This is the corner where they were originally supposed to set up. They called the cops on us, but the cops ignored them :)
This clown about two minutes into their protest
And about 15 seconds after the last photo.
(you can barely see his orange coat, thats how many people surrounded him)